Thursday, September 20, 2007

D-War and DC

Me and Bloggy just returned from Washington DC. It was loads of fun, the highlight for me was the Movie Dragon Wars, Dragon-Wars check out the link it will change your life. Washington was fun and exciting the White House asked me to be the new attorney general but I turned them down.

We would have pictures but we left our camera in DC, but when it returns I will post the pictures.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mary's thoughts

Nate thinks he is so funny. Nate made this blog while I was at work, I have nothing to do with it.

Why I blog

I blog for two reasons. Revenge and Entertainment.


I have a friend that does not have a cell phone, and he has a blog. I can not believe that he started a blog before me. So this blog is a direct affront to the Thomas family.


I am very funny and all will now benefit from my wit.

That is why I blog. Why do you?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nate and Mary

This pictures shows us having fun in D.C. However, we live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of our friends moved to more exciting places, like New York, or New Hampshire, or Sandy and they started blogs so, I was like if they can have blogs then so can I. Mary loves blogging, that is why we call her "bloggy" so she was very excited to get started. Look for many exciting blogs from us.

The Start of the Blog

Upon giving into peer pressure Mary and I have decided to create a blog. We can not wait to get into the blog-o-sphere and start sharing pointless and borring stories about our life. I hope you all love it. peace