Friday, January 16, 2009

Jenny forcing (and teaching) me to blog

Jenny and I went on a walk and we came home and she helped me put pictures on the blog. 

Bear lake with the fam

Maggie's birthday party. 

This was Maggie's Christmas dress. Dang she is cute, we could not figure out how to put it right-side up.
Maggie is very enthused about her halloween costume. 


Amander said...

Oh my goodness - I couldn't believe it was actually you posting!

Thank you for all of the pictures! They were so fun to see. And Maggie is SO adorable. I need to see that little pumpkin again!

Missed you at book club. Can't wait for more posts from you!

Ann said...

Yeah Jenny for teaching Mary to put pictures up. And thanks Mary. I am so happy to see your little Maggie, and you and Nate :) I love to hear about all of you. Don't hear a lot here in AZ. Miss seeing all of you.

ABW said...
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Erika Hanks said...

YEAH FOR JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for updating! My goodness, Maggie is SO incredibly darling! She is a great mix of you two. Please update more often, that was so fun to see pictures! I am coming to SLC on the 29th of Jan and I am getting together for lunch with girls should come! I think we will do it on the 30th or 2nd of Feb. Check your schedule!

Amber said...

Are you kidding me a post? Thanks Jenny. I was wondering how Miss Maggie was doing? Keep the posts rolling :) My family blog is private but send me an email to for an invite!

Travis & Ashley said...

Yeah! It is so much fun to see some new pictues. Maggie is just the cutest little girl!! Congrats you two, you did well.

Nick and Lexie said...

I can't believe how much she has changed! She has so much hair and it has gotten so dark!

The picture of her in her Christmas dress is the cutest thing ever! You should dress her like that every day :) No seriously, to the park, to the store. I expect Maggie primped up in all pictures! Come on Mary, that's what a good mom would do.

Promise me that when I come to Utah this summer that you will not keep her from me. Its been so long since I've seen her. And if my baby isn't very cute, can we just swap? Maggie could pass as Nick and I's kid, right?